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GCA uses ABeka,  Bob Jones, and Positive Action for Christ materials.

Grace has classes ranging from K4 to 12th grade. We offer a traditional, Biblical approach to education. There is a tremendous need in the US for scholarship in our schools. In order to accomplish this, it must begin at the home. We here at Grace need the involvement of parents in the academic lives of their children. The students will have homework. An expected amount of homework for each grade is listed below:

K4 - K5 none to 10 minutes

1st - 2nd 15 to 30 minutes

3rd - 6th 30 minutes to one hour

Jr and Sr high one to two hours

(all times may possibly be longer depending on quiz and test schedules)

Scholarships accepted:

Step Up for Students

McKay Scholarship

Need Based Scholarships awarded by the administration

High School Experience:

There are many different facets of high school learning, one of which is our hands-on lab class. Students in Chemistry are given a  special opportunity to apply what they learn in textbooks.

Learning to properly set up a Bunsen burner

Fire Polishing Glass Tubes

From properly setting up a Bunsen burner to fire polishing glass tubes, students learn to maintain discipline and be precise. Through each lab, God's great design and masterful system can be seen.



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